Nov 18, 2009

When life takes a turn

Sometimes life takes a turn. Relationships begin, relationships end, your dream unravels, you find a "calling", your mom gets diagnosed with cancer.

And in those moments, you deny, you sit numbly, you cry, you get angry, your errands take you to the grocery store far away because you just can't go into the normal store. You keep yourself busy with the mundane, you don't tell people. You fold the clothes and go for walks and take 10 hours to write 2 and 1/2 pages.

You receive countless e-mails and phone calls. You get text messages and notes and gifts of sour candy and food and even plane tickets. People lend listening ears and hurting hearts and open arms.

Today I had two professors rearrange schedules and plans - all to allow me the opportunity to go home for the coming surgery. It is the second to last week of classes, and I will miss four of the five days. My presentations and tests are moved and flexible.

"You need to be there" they both told me.

Today I had someone ignore whatever plans were made for that week, and I have a ride back to Colorado. I will get to be at the hospital. I will get to annoy the nurses telling them how to do their jobs. I will get to be there.

Let me tell you something about the kingdom of God. I have seen it this week. I have seen the kingdom of God rally around the hurting members of my family. I have seen encouragement and heard their prayers. I have sat in my car and walked down the street and laid in my bed and been reduced to tears by the sheer volume of love. My heart is heavy and hurting, how I wish to be sitting next to my dear, sweet mom on the couch. But in all ways I see the kingdom envelope the hurt and offer comfort.

Thank you friends. Thank you on behalf of the entire family. We are loved, and you bless us each day.

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