Jun 21, 2008

Hello my dearest friends!

I am currently stealing a strong wireless signal from the poolside at Grandma's house. Some highlights of my life right now:

- A conversation with my host sister Rachel, after opening her presents, who just turned three...
"Rachel, how old are you!?"
"Where's my cake?"

- A conversation with my great-grandma...
"Sarah, you look like your mom."
"We are definitely mother and daughter, aren't we?"
"I don't care who you are, you can't take her away from me! She's mine."

- Living in low humidity weather...where I can get skin cancer by sitting poolside and write this post.

- Forgiveness. The Lord has enabled me to let go of my sin "like a high wall, cracked and bulging". He is so good.

- My own apartment. With good coffee inside.

- Spending time with Grandmas H and R.

- Skype and iChat with dear friends/family.

- Phone conversations with dear friends/family.

- Apple chips.

So life is good here. I miss Kansas City and most likely YOU if you are reading this.

Jun 10, 2008

HOB Module 3

HOB Module 2

Coming to you from Portland. The most intimidating place alive because PEOPLE ARE SO TRENDY!

Jun 8, 2008

HOB Module 1

Hello! HOB is underway, alive and kicking. Mara and I decided to video update the world on our journey and experiences. Hopefully, I'll post more modules as the time goes on. I think we are currently post-production on 7. Be warned: they may not be entertaining to anyone but ourselves, it is not always PG in language use, and some are longer than others. Also, I hope I don't sound like this in real life.

Jun 2, 2008

gone to narnia brb

4 days.

A meager portion of time, promising to be full of late nights, laughs, and probably some emotional breakdowns.

I could write down a lot more about how I am not ready to leave, how I love people here, etc.

You all have heard it from me before. No more broken records. Hopefully I will have the chance to tell you in person how much I will miss you.

I have a puffy eye from my allergies. The better story is that Hannah and I have started a fight club in my basement. Interested in joining?

See ya, be ya, Christmas.

P.S. If you don't know my family, you should.