Jun 21, 2008

Hello my dearest friends!

I am currently stealing a strong wireless signal from the poolside at Grandma's house. Some highlights of my life right now:

- A conversation with my host sister Rachel, after opening her presents, who just turned three...
"Rachel, how old are you!?"
"Where's my cake?"

- A conversation with my great-grandma...
"Sarah, you look like your mom."
"We are definitely mother and daughter, aren't we?"
"I don't care who you are, you can't take her away from me! She's mine."

- Living in low humidity weather...where I can get skin cancer by sitting poolside and write this post.

- Forgiveness. The Lord has enabled me to let go of my sin "like a high wall, cracked and bulging". He is so good.

- My own apartment. With good coffee inside.

- Spending time with Grandmas H and R.

- Skype and iChat with dear friends/family.

- Phone conversations with dear friends/family.

- Apple chips.

So life is good here. I miss Kansas City and most likely YOU if you are reading this.


  1. stop taking mom away from grandma r! your arms are so big!

  2. SPAR! I miss you! And I need to sincerely apologize for not returning either one of your phone calls! I appreciate you thinking of me! I am going to find time soon to call you because I really miss your voice. I hope you have a blast in Washington! I am kissing Colorado for you.....I love you so much, dear friend.

  3. Wow. Does she not remember things all the time? I really do love the comment about cake. I feel like that EVERY day. :O)

    Cheers to living alone too- my roommate (one of them) is crazy and thinks she has a tumor. Hehe.

  4. coffee and apartments.

    i wish I had a strong wireless signal!

  5. Umm..yeah...great grandma...freaking hilarious!

    Miss you, love, but glad you're enjoying the WC (that's West Coast).

  6. Sounds like a jovial good time!

  7. urrrm where are you?
    did you get my text message??

  8. Will you bring me some apple chips or green beans or something?

  9. You should blog about the middle school lock in and how fantastic it was!