Jun 2, 2008

gone to narnia brb

4 days.

A meager portion of time, promising to be full of late nights, laughs, and probably some emotional breakdowns.

I could write down a lot more about how I am not ready to leave, how I love people here, etc.

You all have heard it from me before. No more broken records. Hopefully I will have the chance to tell you in person how much I will miss you.

I have a puffy eye from my allergies. The better story is that Hannah and I have started a fight club in my basement. Interested in joining?

See ya, be ya, Christmas.

P.S. If you don't know my family, you should.


  1. thanks for telling me about the fight club. via your BLOG. shet bag.

    i's in ur house, bein your sisterz! LOL1!!!1!

  2. did becca just say shet?

    you're on your way up north...
    i'm so sorry.
    i'm going to try to call you tomorrow.
    are you coming monday?
    when are you getting in?
    i have you warn you, i work,
    and am kind of lame,
    but you have a place to stay,
    and the bus stop is close,
    and you have a car,
    so you'll be able to be mobile,
    unlike me.

    but we'll talk soon.
    mm love you.