Dec 15, 2010

Thoughts From My Day

I never knew I could be SO cold in Haiti. Shivered the night and morning away - it was a good feeling.

"I want you" is not a good pick up line, random-man-in-the-airport. In fact, your lack of respect for me and women in general makes me so angry so please take my rude responses offensively and leave me alone.

This poor kid in the seat next to me is shivering on the plane and has no coat. Wish I had one to offer him.

Florida will always be tainted for me because my only experiences in the state revolve around customs.

The American Airlines lady in Fort Lauderdale renews my hope in kindness. I bet she has kids. [She rebooked my seat several times to get me the best seats possible on my new flights to Denver - and was genuinely interested in the people around her.]

Did they announce anything in Haiti?

I wish I was getting to Colorado a little earlier.

Remember that cardigan in the closet? I can't wait to wear it.

Obesity. I sort of forgot it existed.

These french fries taste so good.

I miss Haitian coffee.

Things are changing around me, and I can't seem to keep up. I wish things would slow down.

Will I be able to put in an IV in a month?

Who is going to staff the cholera clinics on Christmas day?

Dear Lord, please heal Pierre.

I hope it doesn't snow too much tonight so I can see a dentist tomorrow.

I love wearing jeans.

Will I remember Creole when I get back?

Birth certificate, check. Passport, nope. Letters, nope. Paperwork, nope. Money, nope. That means no medical visa - when will Alix get to the States?

I feel...weary.

I feel...guilty.

It's so fun to track people's planes!

Florida has a pretty orange sky for a sunset tonight.