Sep 27, 2009

'til the soles of your feet turn black

Dear Patty Griffin,

Thank you for 1000 Kisses. My life wouldn't be the same without it to motivate me throughout the days.

I first thought "Rain" was the best.
Then I heard "Long Way Home".
Then I heard "Chief".
Then I heard "Making Pies".
Then I heard "Nobody's Crying".

Oh, and I can't forget Living with Ghosts and Children Running Through. And the other albums I haven't listened to yet.

You are a musical genius. Thank you.


P.S. Anyone who reads this needs to go buy the album now. Kthxbai.


  1. seriously, she is beyond gifted. love all the songs you mentioned. a lot. and love you. :)

  2. Definitely agree with this post/ all that her music makes me feel inside.