Sep 4, 2008

Tell Me

It's been a long day. Three classes with an hour break among two of them, then working for 6 hours. Walking back in the dark, I was asking the Lord what to do, how to keep from being overwhelmed. How am I supposed to succeed in the midst of this? How do I keep straight the assignments? What happens if I fail?

It doesn't matter in the end. Doesn't mean I don't try. It just means I do what God has given me to do, I do so in zeal, serving Him. I seek to reflect Him in relationships, in making someone their coffee, in mopping the floor at work, in giving a bed bath to an old man who smells, in passing by a new student on campus.

In Bible study on Tuesday night we looked at John 21. Peter's denied his rabbi, his teacher who had told him Peter was important, that he desired Peter to follow him and his ways. Jesus has died. Then he appears on the side of the sea, where Peter has returned to his original trade, and Peter is so driven by his love, his grace, his redemption, he jumps out of the boat and swims to shore. There Jesus feeds him, redeems him, and tells him two things he must do if he loves Jesus.

Take care of my sheep, and follow me.

Unchangeable, unconquerable
Immovable, irremovable
Unwavering, untiring
Unflinching, stubborn love of God

So tell me when this night is over
And the curtain falls
That I will know the truth
When it's the only thing that's standing tall


  1. Truth. i love that God is truth.
    Can't wait to see you soooo soon.

  2. I love that passage. I love that Jesus gives peter the chance to redeem himself for his denial and that he meets him where he is.
    I miss church. Thanks for posting this and reminding me where my focus should be.