Sep 14, 2008


I'm a little sad.


  1. I was there for the beginning, and I was (sort of) there for the end. The end was grosser, for some reason.

    Also, when did your bangs get so side-swoopy? They look really good... I just haven't seen you with such... swoopiness.

  2. oh my gosh. you are my favorite. and just so you know, i went through a mini shock when i took my nose ring out... it was weird and i didn't like it.

  3. wanna hear something really sad?

    Genesis 23.

  4. I didn't have my speakers when I watched this video, so my mind started a converstion between me and you:

    "Erik...your life is crazy."
    "haha, are you being sarcastic?"
    "Erik, why would I ever be sarcastic?"
    "I don't know...come back to Washington"
    "You know I can't do that."
    "If you can go to africa you can go to Ellensburg."
    "...I'm going to take out my nose ring now."

    Just like old times, except you abruptly ending the conversation with taking out your nose ring, and minus you actually being here...

  5. why did you have to take it out? and, um, gross.