Sep 14, 2008

Just Blue

Sometimes days are just sad. Not overwhelmingly so, just blue. Like The Weepies song.

It probably doesn't help that I listen to music that perpetuates my mood.

Current price for a ticket to Washington = $372!!! So much cheaper than the last time I looked, yet still too expensive.

WHOA. $247 to Spokane??? THIS could be a beautiful thing.

I have to take out my nose ring. For good. It shouldn't make me sad, but it does. I won't bore you with the details.

I have homework I should be doing. So I will do that, once I finish eating lunch with my lovely friend Rebecca.

On the bright side - iTunes Genius is genius. Good job Apple on another successful addition. Yet another reason why Apple is better.

I'm feeling restless.


  1. restless?
    oh sarah.
    we should've known that the nw was troublesome for a restless soul.

  2. I just noticed that etakharas was Sarah Kate backwards, and also a very good friend of mine told me a story about a different kind of blue candy and the moral was that it also turns your poop green/blue. It made me think of you.

  3. first an foremost--Rachel, the NW is awesome. washington? also = awesome.
    I weep for your nose...ring. Hospital/work policy?

    That is a beautiful thing.
    As is Genius. Although Apple does not win me over quite yet as my ipod is freaking out and threatening a reset.
    fields of grace today, I could not stop giggling to myself.

  4. i am your sister rebecca. becca.

    the bias against facial piercings in our country is lame. i mean i can kind of understand why employers don't prefer their employees to have them. but honestly. when tastefully done they are barely distracting at all and of no danger to anyone.

    i have yet to get itunes genius. i keep hearing about it but have not taken the time to explore it.