Mar 17, 2010

Profile Picture Pride

When you go to another country on a mission trip, you inevitably put a picture of you and one of the kids you met as your profile picture. Come on now people, you've done it, haven't you? I have!

Part of it is probably the fact that you liked the kid. He or she was cute, and maybe spoke a different language in the most adorable little kid voice. You couldn't help but cuddle them and fall in love.

Another part of it is because it's trendy. It's hip. It's cool to put your picture up with an orphan from another country. I mean, look at me! I went to Haiti and cuddled this adorable child. Go look at the rest of my pictures. I am so cool, right?

Am I just cynical, or am I right? A little bit right?

I'm right in my own circumstance. I mean, I want you to look at this picture of me and Roberto and think "That's adorable. How cool. I wonder what her other pictures are like."

That's icky isn't it?

Not the picture, because Roberto reminds me of this kid. I mean, what isn't adorable about that?

But it's icky because it's another example of how we seek approval and applause through our actions. We live in a works-based world. You are successful if you make more money, go to college, have the dream job, own your own home, have the pool in the back and the Escalade out front.

Or even if your successful world doesn't hold a pool or an Escalade (two things I could do without, seeing as how I hate swimming and Escalades), success comes through the envy and approval of others.

And I don't know anyone who would say cuddling cute orphans isn't good or worthy of applause.

Just another way my pride jumped out at me today. It makes me feel slimy and no good.


  1. WOW. I've never thought about this as a pride thing- but it TOTALLY is. Thanks for making me aware and writing so beautifully.

  2. so I'm really worried now, cuz I'm leaving for the DR tomorrow, and I love all the pictures I have with my kids from the last time I went...and I was totally planning to find one with silly faces (just like your example above)and put it as my profile pic. If I do so, please don't hate me!

  3. Check this: while I was reading, that warm feeling of smug pride grew in me because "hey, I've never had a cute kid prof pic because I'm waay over that." So I'm awesome basically. And even awesomer because I have the self awareness to call out my pride and comment on your post.

    Sigh. No matter how you cut it, the ickiness is ickiest inside me.

    BUT we have a "but"...woohoo! It's not counted and not who we are! It's not at all uncommon for me to see Jesus in your blog, but for this one he got me in a roundabout way. Also, when I recognized the youtube link I about lost it. Thanks for sharing as always!