Mar 13, 2010


In two months - eight weeks - it will be time for me to take my boards. My NCLEX. My "Hey License Me To Be A Nurse" test.

As I sit down and read through chapters of old textbooks and run questions, I find I get overwhelmed. I read a question about contraceptives, and I think to myself "I remember in lab when we talked about this that one day for one hour a year and a half ago. I remember a diaphragm and a depo shot...but how long do they last?"

Or what about Digitalis. I know there is something about it that creates a toxicity very easily. I don't remember what that looks like, or how you treat it, or even what you use Digitalis for specifically. I know it's a medication for something with your heart!

The NCLEX. What they have been preparing us for since January of 2008. Anywhere from 75 to 265 questions, depending on how well or poorly you answer. A 6 hour time limit. Just you and the computer, battling it out, the culmination of all those years in school, hours of studying, thousands of dollars, hinging on one test that could be over in an hour.

So...back to it. Two months, thousands of questions to run, and me, forever a stalling ISFP. A recipe for success or disaster?

I'll let you know.

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