Aug 5, 2008

He makes all things good

Even when I screw it all up.

I've wasted time. I've focused on myself, rather than Him. I've made excuses to make myself feel better.

"We don't like the sight of ourselves as we really are...we rely on the stylish disguise that makes us look good or at least look away from our true self. Self-deception mortgages our sinfulness and prevents us from seeing ourselves as we really are - ragamuffins." (Brennan Manning)

Probably one of the hardest lessons of the summer is that I like to disguise who I am too much. It's a lot easier to pretend I am doing well than to acknowledge openly that I don't have it all together.

Funny thing though - it feels a whole lot better when you honestly accept who God has made you to be.

So in view of His mercies, offer your bodies as living sacrifices. Let go of your pride, your disguise, lose yourself, be a ragamuffin, and follow Him into the unknown.


  1. we really are frighteningly similar...I think I shared on the retreat that this whole past year has been a process of discovering how fake I am, how much I try to hide.
    how can it be so hard to believe that God loves us exactly as we are?

    also - love the word ragamuffin.

  2. I like it when you are you. It's beautiful. You are a beautiful friend.

  3. I can't wait for you to come home. I miss you!

  4. i love you. lets talk about poop. and play ultimate frisbee. i am soooo ridiculously excited that you like ultimate now. and our team is going to kick it. you've inspired me to blog more. though i'm still nervous about it. oh my gosh i love you.