Aug 11, 2008

A Cynical Rant

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalm 37:4

Fact: I dislike the use of this verse in most situations - because it too often turns into us trying to delight in the Lord in order to receive the desires of our heart. Should we not be delighting in the Lord's ability to change our heart? Should we not be seeking to give ourselves fully over to Him so our desires become for Him and His plan and His purpose?

In short, to my friends of the female persuasion, please do not use this verse in reference to your desire for a husband...assuming that God will give a fairytale because you "delight" in Him.

Because, really, anything we desire that is short of the Lord will fail to satisfy.

Note - this is not directed at anyone in particular. In fact, I was simply sitting and reading blogs and thinking about how God has changed my heart...and how I used to focus on delighting in the Lord so that I would get what I wanted. So really...the husband thing is a little much. But, you have to admit, that thought has crossed your mind at some point or another!


  1. I used to think that this verse meant that if I delighted myself in the Lord, then he would give me WHAT I WANTED.

    I'm learning that it means that if I delight myself in the Lord, he will PUT the desires in my heart - he will GIVE ME DESIRES. It changes my perspective.

    And yes, every girl has at one point thought that this has to do with her future husband. :) Among other things...

  2. cynicism duly appreciated at this point in my life. i am calling you today, i dont care if you're working.

    gosh i love you. come to mexico with me.

  3. oh you are such a good encouragement to me. i miss you.

  4. a. men.

    kindly see my blog for a picture of you with Food Mouth.

  5. I used to always look at this verse for hope that I would be provided with a husband.

    For the longest time all I ever wanted was a husband.

    Then I figured out I like females, and everything changed...

  6. it's such a great verse when used with john 15... and abiding in the Lord... how when we are abiding with Christ all we will be desiring is more of Him... ahhhh, someday :)

  7. you need to update. about how excited you are to see me.

    ok bye.

  8. Umm ... I like you ... and the way you think ... for sure!