Jun 12, 2010

time to sing a new song

My blog silence can be attributed to much. I intend to blog more in depth about a lot of the past and future events, but in the meantime...

My computer finally bit the dust (a little bit), hence no computer equals no spur-of-the-moment, emotional posts. But hopefully it will be back in hand Monday, and you will once again be subject to my tidbits.

Also, it would be nice to have in hand before moving on Tuesday.

Speaking of which, my phone will be gone on Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning. Just in case you were DYING to talk to me on the phone.

I have found in these last few days I have been content to sit in quiet, to withdraw more and more into my room and into myself. I'm not sure if that's the beginning of the grieving process or an ineffective manifestation of coping.

Don't get me wrong, the thought of waking up at dawn over the mountains in Haiti, to view the bluest water, to drink a cup of strong coffee and walk a bit down the hill to take in the day's first breath, to giving hugs to dear friends and hold hands of the dearest children, to Fruit Champagne and fried plantains, to clinic life and handing packs of gum to Dr. Jenifer, to fighting my way through Creole tucked FAR away in my brain, it all brings a sort of life into my heart.

Yet the final days and moments here will continue to feel a sense of darkness and heaviness. Goodbye to close drives to family, Colorado mountains and weather, and the sort of freedom I have here.

More to come soon!


  1. OH dear Sarah,,,to see how you have grown and met up with the dream that you had back as a Jr. in H.S. is so compelling to my heart and makes me so proud of you in the Lord. It all comes as NO surprise...remembering your incredible depth back then. You are a true adult with such maturity that it puts this ole 46 yr old to shame but I can keep striving for it, right? Blessings as you transition...I"ll have you close to my heart and in my prayers. Hope that towel got packed. hee hee

  2. This would be Tanya and not William...bet you figured that out but didn't want to alarm you that someone was stalking you. ;)