Jul 13, 2009

do you feel

Last night I sat around a table with 6 dear friends.  We ate cupcakes and apricots and reminisced and caught up.  We laughed often, and I had a moment where I looked around at every single person at the table, realizing that each of them is significant to me.  Brothers and sisters in my life - I just love them.

Saturday I made a call and agreed to return to Haiti for the month of August.  I tried to fall asleep that night but found myself giddy with excitement, smiling and even laughing out loud at the idea that in just a few weeks I will be flying over Titanyen.

Last night I was expressing what plans I had for the future with one of my friends here.  I don't know that I will be in nursing forever.  I will finish my degree, I will work in a hospital, but I don't know that I want to be a nurse.  All I know is that I feel more in my element when I get to work with people, being relational and being helpful.  It doesn't take much skill - so where am I going?  Kansas City for another year...and that is all I know.

I love that I am learning to be content here.  Learning to be content without knowing what's beyond the next step.  Going obediently when the call is there; waiting patiently and contently when the call isn't.  I'm not saying I can do that perfectly - but what a lovely practice to have: finding contentment with where God has put you.

I wish I could go to a park and jump up and down laughing - that's what my heart wants to express right now.


  1. Friend,
    I feel the same way. Interesting how being abroad changes our view on our future plans huh? I can't wait to hear your stories and am so glad you are going back!

  2. you have such a beautiful heart! i hope you have a wonderful time going back to haiti. i'll be thinking about you!

  3. I'm so glad I know you. like srsly. it's an honor to be your "sister in life" and get to sit across the table from you and laugh at the boy who sees apricots as butt cheeks.

    let's be friends forever, mmkay?