Jun 6, 2009


Last night the head cook made me a cake. I was given a global phone and talked to my parents for the first time since leaving Miami. I most likely wept a lot last night.

Upon shuffling out of bed this morning, I headed to the kitchen for some delicious Haitian coffee. It was a clear morning so I could see the mountains on the other side of the cove. I was greeted by the teams who were briefed shortly thereafter that today was a special day for me.

A chorus of happy birthdays ensued. After a pancake and a second cup of coffee, it was off the Hope House, where I share my special day with one of the girls. A round of "Happy Birthday" in english AND french came from 56 mouths of the most precious kids. I spent the day with them, helping them make sponsor letters.

It rained a lot in the afternoon, but never fear, my fearless friends led the way out of the mission, determined to celebrate no matter what. Then:

1) 3 of our friends didn't show up.
2) We couldn't catch a tap tap.
3) We got a late start.

So...we walked to Source Matelas. We found two of our friends who didn't show up and ate at Gwopapapoul (translation: Big Daddy Chicken). Wicky brought ice cream, Vulcy played "the game" with me*, and Sadrac beat me at the game every time. Sadrac also brought me apples.

* "The Game" is where you keep a straight face until the other person laughs, or vice versa. I am very bad at it. Sadrac is not.

I maintain that the most beautiful part of Haiti is the people here. I have never been wished BON FET so many times. I have never had so many people sing to me. I have rarely laughed as much as I did today. On a day when I might miss my family and friends the most, the community surrounding me made sure I celebrated well. I feel incredibly blessed by God's faithfulness.


  1. POOKIE. I am so glad you felt special on your birthday. You have wonderful people surrounding you. They love you. We miss you here. Thank you for blogging and keeping us updated. You look great...tan too p.s.

    You are 21 now. Come home and let's celebrate.

    LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU. Miss you a lot.
    Your pooks.

  2. I read over your pre-Haiti posts recently, where you talked about all the people who said Haiti was a "dark country," that you didn't want to go there.

    How wrong they were!

    I love you and I'm so glad you had such an amazing birthday! can't wait to see you this summer!!!

  3. you look so happy! i'm so glad!! so happy that your birthday was special and made you feel special. sounds like a perfectly adventurous birthday to go along with your entire adventure. you're glowing in the picture. happy birthday!!!