May 3, 2008

dusk and summer

Past 2 am. Incredible...I am normally never up this late. But tonight is special.

It's summer in Liberty. And tomorrow is my move out day. I currently sit on a cluttered bed in a boxed up room. It's cleaner now than it ever was this year.

It doesn't feel like summer. It's sticky inside like it's summer. It's lazy like summer. The dorm is moved out as it should be during the summer. But I don't think I really get that it's time to head out.

I have a friend moving to Colorado. One to Ghana. One to Tanzania. One to Louisiana. And I am, eventually, heading to Washington. And college is half finished. In two years who knows where we're headed. So I wind up feeling melancholy, nostalgic, anticipation, and an eventual numbness. I sound like an emo band. So I will entitle this post a dashboard song.

But who doesn't sound like an emo band on move out day, summer night #1 past 2 am?


  1. it's 3:24 am here, and i have school in the morning.

    lucky you.

  2. Sarah, someone just recommended that I read "What is the What," by Dave Eggers. It is about Valentino Achak Deng, a Sudanese refugee. Maybe you have already read it? I have yet to read it. Since it is about Africa and is in the same genre as "A Long Way Gone," I thought you might be interested.

    -Blake Osborn

  3. i ccccaaaaan't believe it's summer for you!
    are you coming to visit manhattan?
    i remember vaguely you talking about it...


  4. I'm not emo... nor was I ever
    But dashboard rules.

    So does summer.

  5. pretty sure i blocked it from my memory.

    thanks for bringing it up. again.

  6. yeah girl. you quote that dashboard.

    i hope washington is so awesome for you! when do you leave?

  7. Hey Sarah, I hung out with Heather Smith on Saturday--I think it's so great that you two get to work together! She and I are going to be in a covenant group together! Have so much fun in Washington.