Apr 18, 2008

echoes and silence, patience and grace

Hello blog world. I have returned.

I am listening to Foo Fighters for the first time ever. I like it. I really do. And by listening I mean I am listening to one song. On repeat. It fits the mood of the day.

Two weeks from yesterday I will be officially done with half of college. I don't really know what to do with that. I thought that summer seemed to fit, but perhaps the weather is throwing me off. Regardless, I can't seem to comprehend four month freedom starting in two weeks.

I wish I knew what I was doing with my summer. I will know if I get the job I applied for by Wednesday. I'm sure I will let you know.

I am 4/5 done with my time in this clinical rotation. In all honesty, I love geriatrics. I don't know if it's my calling in life, but these people are fantastic. I gave my first injection yesterday. Scariest ever but my patient was great about it. Just offered up her arm for sacrificial purposes.

My antsy tendencies are getting to me. I think the best remedy is a road trip. One is in the works. I cannot wait.

Really, it's not that exciting in my world. Apparently there was an earthquake here? Who knew?


  1. where are you going on your road trip?

    i love the foo fighters!! which song did you listen to?

  2. I want to hear about what you're doing this summmmer.


  3. You have a blog. Awesome! Me too...

  4. Ha! amazing! I do have the same number, but due to a mugging last year I have a brand new phone- without your number in it! I'd love to catch up- it sounds like you are in nursing- good girl!! I want to hear all about it soon. :O)

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