Mar 4, 2008

It's my favorite time of the semester. The time that I always look forward to at the close of one and the beginning of another. The time that gets me excited about moving forward in education, while simultaneously creating anxiety over book costs and amount of work.

Registration. For classes. For September. Glorious.

This is what it is:
Adult Health - 8 hours
Pathophysiology (unless taken in the summer) - 3 hours
School and Society (Power and Justice CTI - the only one that fits in my schedule) - 4 hours

The least amount of credit hours I will have taken thus far in school. Interesting. Maybe I will take another CTI.


  1. i've heard stress management is a stupendous class

  2. Ha...bec is funny! And 15 credit hours was the average amount I took each sem. No need to add more!

  3. I get really bored with 15... 19 is optimum. Trust me, you will only start crying at Midterms.

    All right I lied... your crying will be most intense at midterms. Then again at finals. Then again when you get your grades.

  4. ughh.
    get me out of school.

    but hey.
    lemme know about this summer.

  5. I bet you didn't know I had a blog, now did you.

    I bet you know now though.
    I would hope so atleast. Short term memory is a good thing.

    -Blake R (not to be confused with Blake O)