Oct 15, 2010

show me a place where hope is young

There are some days here where I find myself wondering how on earth I got myself into this position. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have me anywhere else. I love what I get to be a part of here. I love the cast of characters I work with and live among.

Today I had a knock on my door and there was a Red Cross representative. She has come often to get supplies the hospital she works for needs. We chatted pleasantries as I walked her up to our supply tent. She informed me she would be leaving next week for good, moving on to a Red Cross hospital in Pakistan.

I asked what supplies she needed.

Gloves. Syringes. Needles. Sheets. Basics.

My mind went back to Price Chopper in Kansas City. Every check out line with Donate to Red Cross opportunities - money being given by people left and right. Millions and millions donated to them. Like everyone else is asking now, where did all the money go?

They have supplies. In containers. In port. In customs. Unreleased. Why? Who knows? The reason could change every day. Now they are hoping to bring supplies through the DR but that will take weeks.

A multitude of problems.

That also doesn't stop me from asking where all the corruption is - is the Red Cross money being put to good use? Is it being used to finance salaries of US side jobs? And if so - is that taking away from basic supplies for medical care?

So I found myself helping her load boxes of gloves into the back of her truck. We dug through to find needles and syringes and sterile gloves size 7&1/2. We talked about how everyone needs supplies and the need in Pakistan and in Haiti. I bid her farewell, wished her luck as she left.

For the problems being as large as they are, this place is a very personal one. Anytime I meet another medical worker in Haiti, we swap numbers and e-mails, say what resources we have, and try and connect people with each other. Survival here is in many ways all about who you know.

So today I put in a call to ask a favor. It involves a helicopter. Flying hours north of us. To get a 14 year old who has been unable to eat for 6 months surgery. I promise to keep you posted on what happens.

And these past few days I am being constantly reminded of this:

Whatever your hand finds to do,
do it with your might.
Ecclesiastes 9:10

Whether it's digging literal needles out of a metaphorical haystack or flying a young man to a once-in-a-lifetime surgery, do it with your might.

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  1. ummm...i need 7.5 size gloves too.

    And I want to hang outttt!!!