Dec 8, 2008

Because I always have good reasons to blog when I should be writing a final.

So for everything that is bleak and dreary about William Jewell, there are some totally stellar parts of being a Jewell student.

1) Lighting of the Quad - definitely the perfect event to ring in the Christmas season. We sing carols, light candles (or glow sticks), and sing outside as they turn all the Christmas lights on campus. And every night after, you walk around the Quad in a glow of awkward, semi-creepy green, red, and blue light.

2) Late Night Breakfast - always the Tuesday or Wednesday of finals week. The professors feed us pancakes and ice cream, they play music, and awkward children follow you around asking to refill your drinks. A total "we-appreciate-you-paying-our-salaries" from the professors.

3) The Ely Christmas party - good fun is had by all.

(all occurring in the span of one week - needless to say, it is full of excessive joy and caloric intake.

Today in the mail I got a "happy half birthday" card from student affairs. They gave me a free drink coupon to the coffee shop. Add that one to my list too.

Happy Christmas season to you.

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  1. Siloam had a fun little thing like that where there was a parade down main street... everyone could be in it too. It was pretty grand.

    Way to procrastinate btw.